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Freight Forwarding Services Rio Bravo

Freight forwarding

Reception and consolidation of merchandise, Classification of goods on-site and Revision of merchandise.

Cross Docking Rio Bravo

Cross docking

We receive products with marginal to no-handling or storage time (efficient transferring of goods from a Mexican carrier to a U.S. carrier and vice versa).

Warehousing Rio Bravo


Storage solutions.

Distribution Rio Bravo


Supplying the carriers with merchandise for delivery to destination.

Kitting Rio Bravo

Kitting services

Process where related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.

Labeling And Re-labeling Rio Bravo

Labeling and re-packaging

Printed information for the identification of goods and packaging merchandise.

Data Entry Rio Bravo

Software management

Services using our client’s ERP (SAP, ISF, BPCS or any other).

Mexican And US Customs Agency

Mexican and US customs agency

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